Bastard Culture! and Peer Production Studies

A relevant book and a bevy of articles on peer production emerged recently:

Bastard Culture! How User Participation Transforms Cultural Production by Mirko Tobias Schäfer

…and New Media and Society bringing it in the recent edition:

The limits of peer production: Some reminders from Max Weber for the network society by Daniel Kreiss, Megan Finn, and Fred Turner, New Media & Society 2011;13 243-259

Factors influencing the willingness to contribute information to online communities by Xigen Li, New Media & Society 2011;13 279-296

The ‘popular’ culture of internet activism by Tatiana Tatarchevskiy, New Media & Society 2011;13 297-313,

Cooperation with the corporation? CNN and the hegemonic cooptation of citizen journalism through by Farooq A. Kperogi, New Media & Society 2011;13 314-329,